Drug Free Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine Kit



Drug-free, concentrated synthetic urine substitute is guaranteed to beat any of the urine tests, including the GC-MS. VIALS OF SYNTHETIC URINE ARE GOOD FOR ONE YEAR AFTER DATE OF PURCHASE. Store in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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This synthetic urine kit will help you pass any drug test and cannot be detected. Activist Abbie Hoffman wrote in his book on urine testing with fake pee, “This is guaranteed drug-free and is no put-on… I want to give this effort a strong plug.” Just add warm water!

Concentrated synthetic urine substitute has been used successfully for drug testing for over 8 years. This product also protects pregnant women workers urine from sneak tests and lay offs, as well as older employees near retirement, who unscrupulous employers say tested positive so they can be fired without benefits.

Concentrated synthetic urine substitute needs to be mixed with warm water and produced at body temperature. Often times when you are tested, you may be put into a room without water. There are a number of ways to use concentrated synthetic urine substitute successfully.

The kit comes with two vials of our drug free synthetic urine, enough for two tests, a plastic 4 oz bottle, two handwarmers, and a temperature strip. Prepare it by mixing with warm water, tap water is fine. Put the temperature strip on the plastic bottle to read the temperature of the product. Place the handwarmers around the bottle to keep the sample warm, or put it under your arm or down your pants, next to your skin to absorb your body heat. Acceptable urine temperature is 90.5 to 100 degrees.

There is also a device which has been invented specifically for concentrated synthetic urine substitute. This device is called The Urinator. It is easily concealed, has a thermostat, an electronic circuit board and a heating element to maintain exact body temperature for up to 4 hours on two 9-volt DURACELL batteries. If you need to maintain the temperature longer than that, the batteries can be replaced with fresh ones. The sample can be mixed prior to leaving for the test and will remain fresh in The Urinator for up to 12 hours.