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Never worry about a drug test again

Let's stop propagating the myth that drug testing is good for society. Let's face the facts. You're not the bad guy here. Drug testing is hurting a lot of good hard working people's lives. There are people that would have you believe that pot smokers are lazy, shiftless, violent, bad people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most pot smokers are intelligent, creative, hard working, non-violent, motivated people.

There is no simple profile of a typical cannabis user. One of every seven Americans, from all walks of life, have tried it. It's been used by millions of people for thousands of years for hundreds of medical, social and religious reasons, as well as for personal relaxation. Several of our greatest presidents farmed hemp and at least one modern President admits to having tried it. America was founded by hemp farmers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who once recorded tending to his female plants and mentioned a "curious" preparation of hemp (5/26, 1794 letter), possibly hashish.

After 20 years of study, the California Attorney General's panel concluded in 1989 that "an objective consideration shows that cannabis is responsible for less damage to the individual and society than alcohol and cigarettes." The U.S. Shafer Commission Report, one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on the subject, found that cannabis smokers "tend to be under-represented" in violent crime, "especially when compared to users of alcohol, amphetamines and barbiturates."

The simple fact is that cannabis does not change your basic personality. The claims of marijuana dangerousness do not hold up. Over the years, the same conclusions have been reached by numerous official commissions, including the LaGuardia Commission in 1944, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse in 1972, the National Academy of Sciences in 1972, the National Academy of Sciences in 1982, and, in 1999, the Institute of Medicine. The federal government reports that tens of millions of Americans have smoked it—possibly including some of the nicest people you know.

Each month in this section of our website we would like to feature some famous pot smokers who have made a positive impact on the world to dispel the myth of the evil pot smoker. This month famous pot smoker is Richard Branson.