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How to pass a drug test

The Urinator

Clear Test offers products and information designed to help people successfully pass a wide range of drug tests.

From detox drinks and shampoo to urine substitutes and additives, our full line of products can overcome the unique challenges presented by urine, hair follicle, and saliva drug tests.

Protect Yourself from Random and Invasive Drug Tests

With an increasing number of employers, parents, and government agencies screening for drugs, it’s important to protect your body and your privacy.

Clear Test can help you learn how to pass a drug test so you can protect your job and your way of life. Whether you’re trying to eliminate traces of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, or prescription drugs, we have a product that can help you get a clean result.

Random drug testing is meddlesome and nerve-wracking. If you know you might be tested, use a home test kit to check your own results before anyone else has a chance to pry into your life.

Pass a Urine Drug Test

Urine screenings are the most invasive, but also the most commonly administered form of drug test. Fortunately, they’re also the easiest to work around.

Unfortunately, some urban legends have spread false information about how to pass a drug test. Many people believe they can get clean results in only a few days if they simply drink enough water or cranberry juice. They’re setting themselves up for failure.

Occasional marijuana use can appear in your urine for up to 10 days. If you smoke more often, you might leave traces for up to 30 or even 100 days. Cocaine passes through your urine quicker, up to 5 days for infrequent use and up to 10 days if you use more heavily.

Either way, you’ll need more than water to pass your drug test.

There are a number of effective ways to help you bypass a urine test. Our easy-to-use synthetic urine and urine additives provide a simple workaround for the vast majority of cases. We also carry drug detox drinks that quickly flush your system of chemicals that reveal drug usage.

Pass a Saliva Test

Although a saliva test can only detect very recent drug use, it is a quick and easily administered method of screening. Because of that, an increasing number of employers are using it to replace urine tests. The person performing the test will swab your mouth with a stick and then test it for residual amounts of drugs.

To circumvent a saliva test, it’s necessary to clean the mouth of any drug-related toxins. Our fast-acting detox mouthwash and gum removes the vestiges of drug use from your mouth so you can pass your drug test with confidence.

Pass a Hair Follicle Test

A hair follicle test might be the most formidable form of drug detection. By analyzing a small sample of hair, the test can detect drug molecules several months to several years after use.

Beating a hair follicle test entails removing all traces of the drugs from your hair. That means using a special, detoxifying shampoo.

Clear Test’s detox shampoo is safe for your hair and scalp and capable of eliminating the toxins that lead to a positive drug test.

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Never worry about the random drug testing

Drug testing and washroom politics are violations of your rights. Read our frequently asked questions to help you beat the drug testing “bladder cops.”

We carry home drug test kits so you can test yourself before pre-employment drug tests or other urine drug tests. Know if you’ll pass a drug test before you go.

Beat Drug Test

We will help you beat the drug tests. We believe it is a violation of your constitutional rights to be subjected to drug testing. Read our drug testing information for the real facts.

Use our products to detoxify your body before a drug test.

Being drug tested? Pass a drug test whether it’s a saliva, hair, meth, opiates, cocaine or urine drug test. Clear Test has drug testing solutions and information to help you pass a drug test!

We have products that will clear your urine of the metabolites meth, opiates, cocaine drug testing labs look for. Our drug testing products will destroy all toxins in your urine including marijuana’s THC, prescription, and illicit drugs.