Rescue Cleanse 32oz.

Rescue Cleanse 32-oz. Detox Drink for Drug Tests



The Rescue Cleanse 32oz. detox drink works by holding toxins in the body for up to 5 hours. The 32oz. is for people that weigh more than 200lbs.

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Rescue Cleanse is a specially formulated 32-oz. detox drink for drug tests. Rated #1 by High Times magazine, it works by holding toxins in the body for up to five hours. These toxins, detected by drug tests, are stored in fat cells and released when the body burns them. Rescue Cleanse prevents the body from burning fat cells, so the toxins are never released into the bloodstream to be excreted. Passing a urine drug test is then possible.

Rescue Cleanse works on all drug-related toxins and is undetectable. The 32-oz. bottle of Rescue Cleanse is for people who weigh more than 200 lbs. If you weigh less than 200 lbs., you will need to purchase the 16-oz. bottle. The product is ideal if you don’t have time to fully detox for a drug test, and it is an effective alternative to THC detox, which can take 30 days or more, depending on how frequently and heavily one uses marijuana.

The current stock expires 12/2021.

  1. Avoid all toxins for 48 to 72 hours before taking your drug test.
  2. Do not eat (especially fatty foods) or drink for four hours before taking Rescue Cleanse.
  3. Refrigerate the product before opening it to achieve the best flavor (Rescue Cleanse has a pleasant cranberry-apple flavor).
  4. Shake well and drink the entire bottle, starting one to two hours before submitting a urine sample.
  5. Drink all the contents, but at a comfortable pace, within 15 minutes.
  6. Wait another 15 minutes.
  7. Refill the container with cold water and drink it over an additional 10 minutes.
  8. Urinate frequently (2-3 times) before the test.

After one hour, you will be clear for up to five hours. The product becomes effective an hour after drinking it, and the best results are achieved with the next hour or so. During that time, completely flushing your system for a drug test isn’t necessary because toxins are undetectable by conventional drug testing methods.

Who Is Rescue Cleanse For?

The product is most suited for marijuana users who want to know how to clean urine for a drug test, but it can mask a wide range of toxins. The 32-ounce bottle is for people above 200 pounds. It is also suited for regular and more heavier users.

How Does the Detox Drink for Drug Tests Work?

Rescue Cleanse prevents the body from burning fat cells, thereby preventing the release of drug metabolites. It also flushes the toxins that are already in your bladder and urinary tract. At the same time, it replenishes nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, that are normally found in urine.

When Is Rescue Cleanse Most Effective?

The product reaches its maximum effectiveness after about an hour. You are then in the “clear zone,” during which you have up to five hours before drug toxins start leaking back into your urine. A clean urine sample can be submitted during this time.

How to pass a drug test: For the most reliable results, urinate as soon as possible before the drug test.