The Urinator

The Urinator: Synthetic Urine Container



The Urinator relies on the substitution method of passing a urine test, and is a fully self-contained unit.

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The Urinator is a small electronic module that maintains liquid (water) within the correct testing temperature range for at least four hours.

The Urinator is a thermostatically controlled state-of-the-art electronic device that uses two 9-volt DURACELL batteries and a small electronic module to maintain liquid (water) within correct testing temperature range for at least four hours. When using this device in a testing situation, the water is mixed with laboratory clean concentrated synthetic urine substitute to provide the test facility with a clean toxin-free sample. The Urinator is small enough to hold in your hand and can be used many times, even shared with others.

Purchase The Urinator and it will last for years. It’s small, easy to conceal size will keep you prepared for the random or pre-employment urine tests that are becoming so common today.


    • Electronically controlled heater
    • 1 sample box, toxin-free concentrated synthetic urine substitute
    • 2 small LCD testing strips
    • Calibrated bottle filling device
    • Soft, flexible folding pouch
    • Discreet packaging and shipment
    • Operator’s manual

*Sample of concentrated synthetic urine included is good for ONE year after date of purchase*

  • Wrapped in cloth pouch. Conceal The Urinator.
  • In testing facility, twist open cap, mix (or mixed) synthetic urine into container.
  • Allow fluid to pour into testing cup.
  • Turn in sample and leave.

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The Urinator does what no other product can:

  • Protect its user, not matter what their intake
  • Can be used literally hundreds of times
  • Unheard of reliability
  • Maintains its value, even after passing a test
  • Highly cost effective
  • Customer support, after purchase
  • Blanket guarantee on testing outcome