Instant Clean Add-it-ive


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Instant Clean Add-it-ive will destroy all toxins in a urine sample. It is pH balanced and an excellent choice for random tests.
CURRENT STOCK EXPIRES February 28th, 2019 (manufacturers say it's safe to use for an additional two months after expiration date)

ATTENTION: AFTER THIS CURRENT STOCK EXPIRES THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW BATCH. The manufacturers decided to stop making the ICA. It's been a popular product of ours for a long time. We will still carry the urine luck additive. Works the same way and has the same pass rate. Get these ICA's while you can for this BLOWOUT SALE we're having.

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It will even destroy prescription medications. It comes in an 8 mL micro-vial. Simply add the contents of the vial to your urine sample to clear all positives.

  • The solution for random drug testing!
  • Destroys all toxins on contact!
  • Laboratory tested, pH balanced!
  • 8 mL micro-vial, no mixing required.

Trusted since 1993 and constantly refined, Instant Clean Add-it-ive has helped thousands of people pass their urine tests. Instant Clean Add-it-ive comes in a 8 mL micro-vial that is easily concealed. It will destroy all toxins in a urine sample. It will even destroy prescription medications, so you don’t need to list prescription drugs you are taking. It is pH balanced.

We believe it is the best additive on the market today. Independent lab tests have proved negative for all drugs. The formula is constantly changed to keep ahead of the bladder cops. We highly recommend this additive.
Instant Clean Add-it-ive is a liquid which dissolves instantly when dropped into your urine sample. It has no odor. Use one vial to clear your urine of any substance including prescription drugs and opiates. Instant Clean Add-it-ive even works on the GC-MS test! Instant Clean Add-it-ive is a good product to use for random tests. You can keep it with you at all times and easily concealed. Not recommended for instant drug screens.

  1. Add the contents of one vial of Instant Clean Add-it-ive to each urine sample.
  2. Do not take internally. Clear Choice dissolves almost instantly.
  3. Swirl your urine for a complete mix.

* This product is not intended to be used for lawfully administered tests.