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Drug-free, concentrated synthetic urine substitute is guaranteed to beat any of the urine tests, including the GC-MS. VIALS OF SYNTHETIC URINE ARE GOOD FOR ONE YEAR AFTER DATE OF PURCHASE. Store in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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This synthetic urine kit will help you pass any drug test and cannot be detected. Activist Abbie Hoffman wrote in his book on urine testing with fake pee “This is guaranteed drug-free and is no put-on … I want to give this effort a strong plug.” Just add warm water!

Concentrated synthetic urine substitute has been used successfully for drug testing for over eight years. This product also protects pregnant women workers’ urine from sneak tests and layoffs, as well as older employees near retirement, who unscrupulous employers will say tested positive so they can be fired without benefits.

What Is Synthetic Pee and How Does It Work?

Scientists have been creating synthetic human urine in laboratories for years. Available in various forms, fake pee has the same color, creatinine level, temperature, and pH of the real thing. All of these are measured to develop a formulation that closely mimics urine that also includes urea, ammonia, and sulfates.

Synthetic pee for a drug test must mimic all the properties of real urine, which is why a heating pad is included with our synthetic urine test kit. Drug tests also test for uric acid, so your test sample must have this compound; you’ll see it and other ingredients listed on the label. Synthetic pee has the same chemical composition, temperature, and even specific gravity of real urine.

Directions—How to Use a Synthetic Urine Kit

Concentrated synthetic urine substitute needs to be mixed with warm water and produced at body temperature. Often, when you are tested, you may be put into a room without water. There are a number of ways to use concentrated synthetic urine substitute successfully.

Our synthetic urine kit for a drug test comes with two vials of our drug-free synthetic urine— enough for two tests; a plastic 4-oz bottle, two hand warmers, and a temperature strip. Prepare it by mixing with warm water; tap water is fine. Put the temperature strip on the plastic bottle to read the temperature of the product. Place the hand warmers around the bottle to keep the sample warm or put it under your arm or down your pants, next to your skin, to absorb your body heat. Acceptable urine temperature is 90.5 to 100 degrees.

There is also a device which has been invented specifically for concentrated synthetic urine substitute. This device is called The Urinator. It is easily concealed, has a thermostat, an electronic circuit board, and a heating element to maintain exact body temperature for up to four hours on two 9-volt DURACELL batteries. If you need to maintain the temperature longer than that, the batteries can be replaced with fresh ones. The sample can be mixed prior to leaving for the test and will remain fresh in The Urinator for up to 12 hours.

Buy our synthetic pee for sale, available online now, and see how it can make a difference for you.

Product FAQ

Does Synthetic Pee expire?

Each package has an expiration date. If the product has expired, you might not pass a drug test. To avoid failing an unexpected drug test, replace your synthetic urine test kit with a new one from time to time.

How long does Synthetic Pee last?

If the product hasn’t expired, it should be good as long as it’s at the right temperature; follow the guidelines above for heating, especially if more time is required.

Does Synthetic Pee work?

Fake pee is produced by many laboratories, but you want to make sure the label includes urea and creatinine, the temperature is the same as the real thing, and the sample smells like real urine. If all elements are in place, a fake pee drug test should go off without a hitch.

What else is Synthetic Urine used for?

Medical students train to perform urinalysis tests and conduct experiments with synthetic pee. It’s also used as an animal repellent, to demonstrate cleaning agents, and for scientific experiments such as developing urine tests for diseases. You could also use a synthetic urine kit to prank your friends.